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Goodbye, Dr. Carter; hello, Dali

From Los Angeles Time

By playing the surrealist in the comedy 'Lobster Alice' at his home stage, Noah Wyle picks up his post-'ER' career.

By Diane Haithman, Times Staff Writer

COUNT four red plastic lobsters — three on the floor, one on a table. Human beings sharing space with the scattered sea creatures speak of giant eyeballs, jellyfish and squirrels. Also curious: on one wall, there is a clock that runs counterclockwise. The "11" is where the "1" should be; 2 is 10 and 10 is 2. The face of the clock features the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland."

"The mechanism is actually running backward. If you look at the clock in a mirror, it is telling time the right way," says Daniel Henning, artistic director of the Blank Theatre Company. "The way we look at things is just a little twisted." The clock will not be part of the set during the show, but will be hung backstage to keep the actors in an off-kilter frame of mind.

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