Wouldn't you like to know... (ibnerd01) wrote in noahwyle,
Wouldn't you like to know...

Quick Question

Hey, I'm new to the community and just have to say how incredibly stupid I am for not watching ER sooner, it's incredible!!! Since I missed all the seasons except the previous ones, I'm watching the entire life of the show played out in reruns....unfortunately, today started a new season, I'm not sure which, but Kelli Martin plays Lucy Knight, a third year med student starting her ER rotation and I was wondering if she hooks up with Carter? Also, I've only been watching for a little while but so far Carter has been with that baby surgeon lady, dunno what her name was, and had a crush on Del Amico, but she left all of a sudden, and where did Jeannie go???

By the way, over all the seasons, can anyone give me the rundown as to who Carter has been with? Thanks...lol
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