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Los Angeles Time review (Lobster Alice)

An oddly satisfying 'Lobster'
Noah Wylie plays the great Salvador Dali as matchmaker in this screwball comedy.

By Charles McNulty, Times Staff Writer

Only history could be so surreal: In 1946, Salvador Dali spent six weeks at Walt Disney Studios hanging out with a young animator working on "Alice in Wonderland." Enticed by this tantalizing footnote in the artist's biography, playwright Kira Obolensky invents a theatrical dream world in which the man who famously envisioned melting clocks helps (in his signature boundary-blurring way) a reluctant couple melt into each other.

Not surprisingly, "Lobster Alice," which opened Saturday at the Blank Theatre Company's 2nd Stage Theatre with actor Noah Wyle transforming himself into the flamboyantly self-dramatizing painter, is an invitation for the most delightful visual whimsy. Treated as a hallucinatory screwball comedy by Blank artistic director Daniel Henning, the production opens a portal to a wonderland that, like a Dali canvas, grows more troubling as its deranged details come into view.

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